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      New Product Launches: Case Study

      The customisable nature of Project CARS Pro means that the platform can be used to great effect for the launch of new cars and other automotive products.

      Project CARS Pro is not a retail video game. This creates the opportunity for bespoke creation of content to suit individual clients' needs. In addition, both the standard Project CARS Pro product and bespoke versions are updated far more frequently than would be the case with a standard retail racing game.

      Your Brand

      Project CARS Pro can be utilised for bespoke product launches, with the possibility of new content—such as cars and tracks—being created on demand. READ MORE...

      Project CARS Pro was used by Porsche AG as their simulation platform of choice for the launch of the new Porsche 911 Carrera S at the LA Auto Show in 2018. This required a bespoke version of Project CARS Pro with customised UI branding along with a flawlessly simulated Porsche 911 Carrera S built from the ground-up specifically for the launch using designs and telemetry supplied by the manufacturer. This simulated Porsche 911 Carrera S offered Porsche a unique opportunity to pull the covers off their new 911 Carrera S by allowing journalists, customers, and partners a unique opportunity to experience a high-fidelity test-drive in Virtual Reality of their new model months before the real car would be ready to take to the street.

        Experience Centres: Case Study

        Due to the customisation possibilities inherent with Project CARS Pro, the software can be utilised by automotive experience centres as a safe virtual training tool before customers are sent out onto the real race track.


        If the experience centre venue is already featured as a licensed track in Project CARS Pro, a purpose-built software platform with customised UI and in-game branding is available. If the venue or track isn’t featured in Project CARS Pro, a bespoke version of the venue can be created on demand.

        Porsche Leipzig


        If the cars that are available at the experience centre are not featured in Project CARS Pro, additional content to provide customers with the best possible virtual experience, including high-fidelity car simulation for safe driver training, can be created on demand.

        Mercedes Ice Centre

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