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Welcome to the Project CARS Pro Configuration Panel v0.943.

From here you can configure Project CARS Pro to exactly suit your needs, whether that is for single player or multiplayer racing, arcade or full simulation.

You can also use this Configuration Panel to provide your users with a wealth of options and customisations to choose before they race.

The Main Window

Main Window

The Game Section

This section lets you set various aspects about the game client before it is running.

The Category Section

Use the list box on the left to select a category for configuration. The chosen category will be displayed in the main window to the right of the list box. See each category's page for more information.

Other Buttons

This section contains some miscellaneous buttons that don't neatly fall into any of the other sections:

The In-Game Menu

During the idle video or a race, the in-game SETTINGS menu can be accessed with the left CTRL key on a connected keyboard.

This menu can be used for many things. Some of the more notable are...

Difficulty Cycling

While not part of the Configuration Panel, within Project CARS Pro itself the player is able to cycle through some of the Difficulty Configurations mentioned above via a control. This control can be freely configured through an in-game menu, accessible by pressing the Left CTRL key on a keyboard.

Also within the control configuration menu, amongst many other options, is the ability to configure a camera cycle control, so while the default camera is chosen on the Configure Game dialog, it can be changed by the player during the race.

Note: the menu may be accessed either during a race or at the frontend, but controls can only be configured outside of a race.

Triple Screen Set Up

If you want to operate a triple screen set-up it will first need configuring through this menu. The game will require a restart afterwards for the setting to take effect.

Racing Wheel Configuration

Set up everything related to your racing wheel peripherals in this menu.

In-Game Menu

Windows Firewall Notices

Windows will more than likely ask for permission to get through the Firewall for the Configuration Panel and Dedicated Servers when they are first run. They will both need this permission.

The Dedicated Server will start as soon as the Configuration Panel starts to get this notice out of the way as it can cause problems when trying to set up a live race. The Dedicated Server can safely be ignored or closed after accepting the Firewall request.

Arcade Input

During the player selection screens, a steering wheel may be used to navigate.

System Requirements