Project CARS Pro at the Land Rover Experience Eastnor

The Land Rover Experience Eastnor in the grounds of Eastnor Castle boasts 66 miles of trails that offer drivers the chance to test their skills and courage on a fabled—and once top secret—facility that has been used to fine-tune and hone Land Rover’s off-road vehicles for decades.

These days, the steep, greasy hills and articulation tracks, divots and deep-water obstacles provide a beautiful setting for corporate and private adventurers looking to challenge themselves and their off-road Land Rovers.

Project CARS Pro at JLR

IoTech Studios’ Fabio Corrirossi experienced the facility on a hot day in late June, carrying with him the latest version of Project CARS Pro (then still in development).  

The software was intended to run on two Vesaro pods already present at the experience centre, and set up for the enjoyment of a dozen-or-so high-level Jaguar Land Rover managers from around the globe.

Installation of Project CARS Pro onto the Vesaro race pods—already onsite and which usually run a retail version of Project CARS 2—was sorted by Fabio with a few clicks of a mouse.

Project CARS Pro at JLR

A key design element of Project CARS Pro is a complete overhaul of the UI and the installation process of the retail version with emphasis on keeping it simple, and Project CARS Pro was up-and-running in no time at all, much to venue-operator’s satisfaction.

The latter, went on to note the ease and functionality of the new software and, once the event started, Fabio took the time to explain all the new features that come with Project CARS Pro.

Then it was time to answer questions including whether there would be Chinese localization (of course), whether it was possible to have bespoke commercial versions for both customers and potential buyers (of course), and whether the software could easily be tailored for specific brands and events (of course).

Project CARS Pro at JLR

The event went off without a hitch, and there was much praise focused on the automatic broadcaster feature, the VR-re-centering automation feature (particularly appreciated by the venue operator and his crew who, as venue operators, didn’t need to tinker with the VR-calibration as one driver swapped out for another), and the quality of the fun multiplayer component.

Even better for the operators was Project CARS Pro’s ability to run multiplayer over LAN without an internet connection. Added to that the no-reliance on Steam for Project CARS Pro’s operation, and the new business-to-business software built around the chart-busting AAA-racing game franchise was a big hit for all those present.

The day ended on a high with some good fun racing in the pods using Project CARS Pro and Fabio left with a new-found appreciation of what it takes to make what many consider the world’s greatest off-road vehicles.

Project CARS Pro at JLR

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