Project CARS Pro Version 0.91 is available now

We highly recommend that you update now if you are using version 0.9.

What’s new in version 0.91:

  1. Broadcast mode can now be launched without the need for an additional software license.
  2. The Project CARS Pro Config Panel now saves settings and logs at C:\Users\[your Windows username]\Documents\Documents\Project CARS Pro folder.
    You no longer need to run the Project CARS Pro Config Panel as an Administrator, and you will keep your settings even if you change the installation folder.
  3. Fixed an issue that was preventing certain network adapters from recognising the Project CARS Pro License Tool.
  4. Fixed an issue that was preventing the correct start of the game in Windows 7.
  5. Fixed a bug that was preventing proper pedal calibration.
  6. Improved UI for the Project CARS Pro Config Panel. Settings for using Broadcast mode over a network have been made clearer.
  7. “End Race” feature added to the Project CARS Pro Config Panel.
    This command can be pushed over the network to user pods. It allows the operator to end the race and return to the main menu.
  8. The game will now start with a more balanced car class selection in Multiplayer.
    If the “AI Vehicles” option is disabled, all users will use the same vehicle class as selected by the host.

Coming soon in the next update (0.92): McLaren vehicles will be added to the game.

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