Project CARS Pro Version 0.92 is available now

What’s new in version 0.92:

  1. Now included in Project CARS Pro:
    McLaren 570S
    McLaren 650S GT3
    McLaren 720S
    McLaren F1
    McLaren F1 GTR Long Tail
    McLaren P1 ™
    McLaren P1 ™ GTR
  2. During the trailer video, you can now also use also the throttle input to start the game flow
  3. Project CARS Pro Config Panel has an improved Pure Control Panel mode: now you can setup and send different configurations to different pods in your venue
  4. Added a System menu inside the Options screen: you can now activate and use the UDP interface
  5. Added a Game menu inside the Options screen
  6. The Options screen and its subcategories have been improved to include more settings and reduce redundant options that can already be set via the Project CARS Pro Config Panel
  7. Fixed minor bugs in the Project CARS Pro Config Panel regarding the Grid Size/AI Level numeric widgets
  8. The Project CARS Pro License Tool has been improved in stability and now generates logs in case of failed logins

Patch 0.92b is available now

  1. inside Scenarios settings you can now enable/disable Race in the Configure Race window
  2. you can now set Allow Local Start directly from the Configure Game window
  3. you can now check the game version number on the Project CARS Pro Config Panel‘s title bar
  4. fixed a bug that was randomly causing a premature stop of the Dedicated Server during continuous multiplayer sessions

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