Project CARS Pro Version 0.93 is available now

What’s new in version 0.93:

  1. Operators can now select liveries in the Config Panel
  2. Operators can now use Custom Liveries by selecting the last livery option in the Liveries scroll-down
    To create a Custom Livery please follow this guide:
  3. To avoid mis-clicks, only the Accelerate button or pedal is now accepted to start races. Furthermore, the input is no longer continuous: keeping the pedal pressed will no longer result in skipping the screens
  4. Players can now see how many votes a specific scenario is getting in Multiplayer during the selections screen
  5. A safety warning appears when you try to Initialize the Network against your own IP
  6. Operators can now skip the VR recentering screen by disabling it from the Config Panel (for advanced users)
  7. BugSplat issues have been solved: now you can report crashes directly from the BugSplat window
  8. The Config Panel’s data is no longer only saved when the software is closed, but saved with every change. This minimises the risk of unsaved data
  9. If operators don’t select any AI vehicle type, Single-Player will now fallback into Same Class rule
  10. A Version Check has been implemented: if you are running 0.93 against other versions in the same network, you will receive a warning
  11. Fixed the Duration spinner that was not reflecting the actual time in the sessions
  12. Fixed possible inconsistencies over the Grid Size value in the Scenario Setting
  13. If No Session between Practice, Qualifying and Race is enabled, Race will be selected as fallback
  14. The manual has been updated with video tutorials
  15. Lots of stability improvements and small fixes

0.931 Patch was released today 02/12/2019
What’s new in version 0.931:

  1. License Checker software will now save Username and Password for future usages
  2. Improved the License Checker software machine check.
  3. Fixed a grid size issue that was happening in races with 2 pods and 1 broadcaster
  4. Added a CSV export inside Documents/Project CARS Pro/Exports that prints out the latest racer information like used car, used track, best lap etc

0.932 Patch was released today 17/02/2020
What’s new in version 0.932:

  1. Synchronization issues when connecting multiple pods are now solved
  2. Broadcaster synchronization issue are now solved as well
  3. You can set the preference to not show the initial popup appearing during Config Panel’s starts
  4. Solved a bug where custom livery was not appearing when it was the only choice in the Config Panel
  5. VR is not allowed on broadcaster; this prevents a bad usage of the broadcaster in PC with a connected VR headset
  6. Config Panel user interface improvements
  7. Various minor bug fixes in both game and Config Panel

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